Roof Cleaning is an essential routine maintenance that should be performed every 3-5 years. Nothing deteriorates faster on your O'Fallon or St. Charles home in our humid Missouri climate than the roof on your home or business. Whether you have an asphalt shingle, tile, cedar shake, or other type of roof, you will eventually get those ugly black streaks that can eventually take over your entire roof. Those black streaks on your O'Fallon and St. Charles roof are actually a form of algae called Gloeocapsa magma (a type of blue-green algae commonly found in climates with warm, humid summers) and they are eating away at the shingles of your roof. This algae will cause you to replace your roof prematurely, costing you thousands of dollars. Roofs on average are being replaced in O'fallon and St. Charles every 7-12 years when they should be lasting 15-25 years, depending on the quality of the shingle. A roof cleaning combined with maintenance will prevent premature replacement and save you tens of thousands of dollars over the life span of your Missouri home. Peak Pro Wash pressure washing company of O'Fallon MO, provides a SOFT WASH non pressure roof cleaning service that will remove those black streaks immediately and return your roof to its original color and beauty. Our roof cleaning process uses environmentally safe roof cleaning products that are safe for you and the environment. In most cases we are able to clean your St. Charles area roof with out ever having to step foot on it. In cases that we must walk the roof, we have the training, expertise, and equipment to do so SAFELY without risk to us or your roof. We do not use high pressure for our roof cleaning. Instead we use a soft gentle approach that allows the roof cleaning products to restore your St. Charles area roof to it’s like new condition.


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